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Our Vision

The Astroverse Club is much more than an NFT art project. We have plans to build an ecosystem consisting of interactivity, utility, community rewards/growth, collaborations with brands, and much more! We want the community to help direct and determine which features we should be focusing on next – so you guys will be heavily involved in the future of The Astroverse Club!


The Astroverse Club is a full-time project for us. We already have years of utility planned to continuously deliver more value to The Astroverse NFT holders as the project evolves. While we have an ambitious roadmap, here is what we’re working towards in 2022-2023

The Astroverse Club Pass NFT launch
February 2022
The Astroverse Club Airdrops
Regular airdrops to our Club Pass holders - Golden Unicorn, Cool Girls, Space Crystals, Walking Astronauts, and more
$OVIA Token
Q4 2022
$50,000 a marketing campaign to spread the word of the Astroverse Club!
Q4 2022
Dawn of Ships P2E Game (Beta)
Q4 2022
The Astroverse - Space War P2E Game
Q3 2023
A community grant fund of $20,000
Q1 2023


When you buy The Astroverse Club Pass, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a provably-rare piece of art. Instead, you are gaining membership access to a club whose benefits and offers will increase as the community grows. Your CLUB PASS will serve as your unique digital identity, which will be the key to opening many doors in a growing community.

As a member of the Astroverse Club, the evolution of this club will be in your hands, not to mention getting a unique avatar that is exclusively owned by you. By getting an Astroverse Club Pass, you have a voice in the community and can help guide the project’s direction.

The cost of the CLUB PASS is 300 CRS, and the Astroverse NFTs are 100 CRS.

– Free NFTs
– 1 free Pixel Golden Unicorn exclusive NFT
– Gamer Beta Pass (early access to our upcoming games, including Dawn of Ships)
– Access to exclusive Discord channel only for CLUB PASS holders
– Exclusive VIP Discord role
– Club Pass can be used in all our future games to give you additional rewards
– Airdrops

The reason we have selected the Stratis network for The Astroverse is that the GAS cost is much cheaper than Ethereum (meaning we can save money that could be better spent on the further development of The Astroverse brand), and the transaction speeds are much quicker as well.

Head over to the Discord, jump in on the conversation and let us know your ideas!


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